• Puzzle Thing™ - NY Heart
  • Puzzle Thing™ - NY Heart

Alex Lau, Michelle Gatton, Stephanie Yeh

Puzzle Thing™ - NY Heart

Restaurants, and the diverse cultures that create them, are what make up the heart of New York. Lockdowns caused by the coronavirus pandemic severely impacted the restaurant industry. Many individuals lost their jobs, while others continued to work tirelessly, ensuring that the heart of NY kept beating. Moved by the impact this had on loved ones, friends Alex, Michelle, and Stephanie created this image to raise awareness around the lack of resources available to hospitality workers, and as a tribute to the industry.

In response to the economic hardships exacerbated by the pandemic faced by hospitality workers, Areaware supports One Fair Wage, an organization focused on improving wages and workplace equity in the service industry. If you'd like to learn more or make your own donation, visit ofwemergencyfund.org.

Not for children under 3 years.



465 pieces
17 x 18 in assembled

Store puzzle pieces in the puzzle box. Keep in a cool, dry place.