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Last Updated: 4/8/2021

SKU Product Name Estimated Arrival
AWDDTCB Dusen Dusen Taper Candles (blue) mid-April
AWDDTCY Dusen Dusen Taper Candles (yellow) mid-April
GRTCMOL Totem Candle (large moss) mid-April
GRTCMOM Totem Candle (medium moss) mid-April
GRTCMOS Totem Candle (small moss) mid-April
GRTCPTL Totem Candle (large forest) mid-April
GRTCPTM Totem Candle (medium terracotta) mid-April
GRTCPTS Totem Candle (small sand) mid-April
GRTCSKL Totem Candle (large terracotta) mid-April
GRTCSKM Totem Candle (medium sand) mid-April
GRTCSPL Totem Candle (large sand) mid-April
GRTCSPS Totem Candle (small terracotta) mid-April
TYGCBL Goober Candle Eh (blue) mid-April
AWDDTCM Dusen Dusen Taper Candles (multi) mid-May
GRTCBLL Totem Candle (large black) mid-May
GRTCBLM Totem Candle (medium black) mid-May
SBCHBL Terrace Candle Holder (blue) mid-May
SBCHC Terrace Candle Holder (clear) mid-May
SBCHGN Terrace Candle Holder (green) mid-May
SBCHGY Terrace Candle Holder (gray) mid-May
TYGCGR Goober Candle Em (green) mid-May
TYGCPI Goober Candle Eph (pink) mid-May
TYGCPU Goober Candle El (purple) mid-May
CKSPMS1 Stacking Planter (mini  short) early June
CKSPMST1 Stacking Planter Terracotta (mini  short) early June
HARBHW Bowl Hand early June
HARBXTG Box Turtle Box (gold) early June
HARBXTW Box Turtle Box (white) early June
HARCM Hand Hook (c'mere) early June
HARGR Hand Hook (grab) early June
HARK4KB2 Key Keychain (turquoise) early June
HARK4KG Key Keychain (chartreuse) early June
HAROF Hand Hook (offer) early June
HARPB2 Bank in the Form of a Pig (matte black) early June
HARPC Bank in the Form of a Pig (silver chrome) early June
HARPG Bank in the Form of a Pig (gold chrome) early June
HARPW Bank in the Form of a Pig (matte white) early June
KZKRBD Contour Key Ring Brass (bend) early June
MPCDS2 Concrete Desk Set (gray) early June
MPCTD2 Concrete Tape Dispenser Small (gray) early June
NBMCM Moon Chalk (color set) early June
RKDRS Drink Rocks early June
SKCTBEW Cairo Throw (blue/white) early June
TYKCW Kirby Vase - Curly  (white) early June
TYKEW Kirby Vase - Enny (white) early June
TYKJW Kirby Vase - Jay (white) early June
ARBCA Block Party - Cat mid-June
ARBMK Block Party - Monkey mid-June
DDHGM Dusen Dusen Glasses  Mixed mid-June
DDHGS Dusen Dusen Glasses  Shape mid-June
DMPR Prism Magnifier mid-June
DWC4M Cubebot Micro (multi) mid-June
JPBLBC Blockitecture (big city) mid-June
JPBLGC Blockitecture Mega Set (garden city) mid-June
NBDCM Doodle Crayon mid-June
PK2TM Spinning Tops mid-June
AWPTL6BE Little Puzzle Thing: Beer early July
AWPTL6BU Little Puzzle Thing: Burger early July
AWPTL6SM Little Puzzle Thing: S'mores early July
AWPTL6WA Little Puzzle Thing: Watermelon early July
DWTWBE2 Ursa Minor early July
DWTWEL Hattie the Elephant early July
DWTWGO Hanno the Gorilla early July
JOME Menorah early July
HGCCBK Confetti Cups  Black early July
HGCCL Confetti Cups  Lavender early July
HGCCPH Confetti Cups  Peach early July
HGCCW Confetti Cups  White early July
HGPPW Pleated Pitcher early July
DDHEB Dusen Dusen Everybody Bin mid-July